Welcome to Old Chiangmai Lanna Thai Culture Experience

During a tour of Hawaii in 1970 the Nimenheiman family visited a culture show. They realized that this would be the perfect way to introduce the ancient Lanna Thai culture of Northern Thailand to visitors to Chiang Mai.

They decided to call it Khantoke (Khan – Tray and Toke – Bowls). They served delicious Northern Thai dishes to guests that enjoyed the feast while being entertained by traditional music and dance.

So the Khantoke was born. Since then it has been copied all over Thailand but still the original is the best!

Now Old Chiangmai has been further developed with, Hill Tribe shows, Exhibitions and other attractions to show even more of the Old Chiangmai.

“We are driven by a deep interest in our Lanna culture and a desire to maintain its rich traditions and share them with as many people as possible.”

You should arrive by 6:45 PM for the show

Lanna Beauty Old Chiangmai


Old Chiangmai Khantoke

Enjoy a mixture of great food and a taste of traditional Lanna Thai culture.

Old Chiangmai is the first and original Khantoke and still the best.

Old Chiangmai Khantoke


  • tTeak House exhibition Old Chiangmai
  • Ho Tri Tower Exhibition

The Saw Hong House is a preserved example of a Lanna Galae building. Step back in time and experience old style Lanna living.

The Ho Tri Tower is an important religious building preserved at Old Chiangmai


Old Chiangmai Hilltribe show

Every evening witness the color and excitement of our Hill Tribe show.


Craft Market Old Chiangmai Night market

As the sun goes down the Old Chiangmai street market appears. Stroll around the stalls. Enjoy watching the craftsmen at work. Discover handrafted souvenirs.