Ho Tri Tower

The Ho Tri Tower is an important building that was originally situated at Wat Lam Chang.

It was built in the late 1850’s and was moved to Old Chiangmai around 50 years ago to be preserved for posterity.

The exterior walls are decorated with Lai Kam, a beautiful Lanna decorative pattern. It is made with a perforated paper technique, covered with gold leaf on a cinnabar background. This is a uniquely Lanna style that has influenced the design of many of Thailand’s famous buildings.

The front gable is decorated with the Thepanom Kankhot decorating pattern and was directly influenced by the Ho Phra Nak in the Grand Palace, Bangkok.

It was essentially used to house the library at Wat Lam Chang and originally stood at ground level.

In order to better preserve it Old Chiangmai raised it on its present tower.  The interior of the new tower now displays the items that were housed in the original building.


Ho Tri Tower Old Chiangmai