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Muay Boran Thai Boxing Exhibition

Muay Boran is the predecessor of what we now know as Muay Thai boxing. During the 17th Century this style of fighting became popular and was practiced as a sport.

It was developed from a style of hand to hand combat used by the Tai tribes as they migrated south from China. The technique is refined so as to allow a warrior to move quickly through a crowded battlefield inflicting devastating blows whilst maintaining a strong defense against attack. Shins, knees, legs, fists forearms and elbows are all used. The most lethal of these is the elbow which can cause massive damage both as a hammer and to cause cuts by slashing the face.

You might think that the bindings around the fists are there to protect the hands. In fact the fighters (Nak Muay) would bind their hands and forearms with hemp ropes (Muay Khat Cheauk) adding to the power of the fist in order to cause more damage.

This style of martial art is known as Muay Boran and more generic names like Toi Muay or just Muay. It became an integral part of local festivals especially those held in temples.

Muay Boran is now only seen in exhibitions.

The boxers at the Old Chiangmai Muay Boran Thai Boxing exhibition demonstrate exceptional skill and show just how versatile Muay Boran is as a martial art. The Muay Boran exhibition is staged every evening at Old Chiangmai.

Old Chiangmai also have their own boxing arena where you can witness the highest standards of professional Thai boxing. Should you wish to learn the sport then the newly built Fight Club Thai boxing camp is available here also.

Muay Boran Thai Boxing Exhibition