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Superstition and a belief in ghosts and spirits is a part of everyday life in Thailand even today. It is no surprise therefore to find many rituals, rites and ceremonies in the world of Muay.

Wai Kru or Ram Muay Ceremony

The Wai Kru or Ram Muay ceremony is displayed before every match and lets the fighter show respect to his trainer, the sport of Muaythai and his country. The dance is said to be used to cast a spell on ones opponent. The dance will see the fighter move to each corner and offer a prayer and show respect to the spirits. The Wai Kru or Ram Muay is considered to be an opportunity to study the fighting style of your opponent before the fight begins.

Muay Thai Music

Music – The tunes played at Muaythai matches are unique to Muay Thai and referred to as ‘wong pee glong’. They are ususally performed by four musicians, each with their own instruments.

  • Pi java (Javanese oboe)
  • Ching (small Thai cymbals)
  • Glong kaek (a pair of thai drums)

Muay Thai Tattoos

Many fighters display tattoos. These normally take the form of magic symbolic designs that are applied by monks and are specially created for Muaythai fighters.

The Mongkong or Mongkol Headdress

The headdress is believed to have its origin in the days when Muay was used on the battlefield. Young warriors would tear off strips of cloth from the clothing of their mothers, girlfriends and wives and twist them into head bands that they would wear in battle. They would often weave in sacred bones and other items to ward off evil spirits, give good luck and give them courage in the heat of battle. These days they are given by teachers to their students when they are deemed ready for combat. They are worn during the warm-up ceremonies and Wai Khru or Ram Muay and are then usually placed on the corner post of the boxer during the fight.


You will see bands placed around the biceps of fighters. These are used to bind other sacred items such as amulets to the fighter’s body for luck and to ward off evil spirits.

Muay Thai Body Oils

Muay fighters are taught to be able to ignore the pain and discomfort that they must endure during combat. Fighters often coat their bodies in lotions which have been blessed by the monks.

Muay Thai Superstitions

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