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Body conditioning is an integral part of any Muay Thai training. Fighters must be able to sustain blows to all parts of the body, be agile and powerful enough to deliver blows and throws. Muay Thai training will remodel parts of the body such as the shins and forearms so that they are unusually strengthened as defensive armor. This cortical remodeling is done by hours of work kicking and striking heavy bags.

Daily training includes running, rope jumping, abdominal exercises shadow boxing and sometimes weight training.

Thai Pads
A practice unique to Muay training is the wearing and the use of Thai Pads. Trainers wear thick pads to their forearms, hands and torso so that fighters can refine their kicks, knee and elbow strikes as well as punches in a live situation.

Focus mitts are smaller and lighter and worn on the hands. In Muay Thai training they are used specifically to perfect fast combination punches, hand reaction, speed and power.

Sparring is also used but fighters are not encouraged to fight hard when sparring. Sparring is used mainly to refine specific tactics, maneuvers and strategies in the ring.

Thai boxers will train for many hours every day to achieve and maintain both the levels of fitness and technique required. Many train from as early as six years old and begin fighting from the age of 8 to 10 years old. They will often have notched up a staggering 150 fights by the time they are 24 years old. Muaythai boxing careers are usually quite short.

Muay Thai Training Camps and Trainers

Teachers are held in great respect in Thailand. No more so than the master Muay Thai trainers.

As professional Muay Thai careers are short the best fighters will often continue their profession engaged in Muay Thai training. Since they have usually competed in over 150 contests they are an inspiration to their students.

Muay Thai boxing is a way of life. New trainees go through initiation ceremonies such as the Yok Kru and Kuen Kru showing respect and honoring their teacher and training camp.

The new student may be required to spend time in a temple meditating under the guidance of the monks before being welcomed into the training camp community.

The most recent and purpose built Muay Thai training camp in Chiang Mai is right here at Old Chiangmai.