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Old Chiangmai Thai Textiles Exhibition

Old Chiangmai have collected a rare and beautiful collection of traditional Thai textiles along with silks and sarongs from as far afield as China and Laos. They can be viewed in the textiles exhibition building.

The following are featured in the exhibition:

  • Ta Style Sarong or Tor Teen Tor Eaw Sarong A Sarong Thai Lue women wore daily.
  • Teen Jok Sarong. A Sarong woven with the Jok technique at the hem of the cloth. Thai Lue women wore this on special occasions.
  • Yok Dok Silk Sarong
    Originally from Lamphun Province but made fashionable again by Princess Dara Rasamee, wife of King Rama V.
  • Silver threaded Teen Jok Sarong
    It has been in the Chutima-Nimanhaemin family for about 100 years.
  • Siver threaded Ikat Sarong
    Worn by women in Luang Prabang about 100 years ago
  • Crocheted Muslin Blouse
    It has been in the Chutima-Nimanhaemin family for about 100 years
  • 50 year old Teen Jok Sarong from Mae Jaem Area.
  • Thai Lue Sarong from Saiburi District, Laos
  • Sarongs from the Tai Ethnic groups in Laos
    1. Watermelon style sarong from Tai Dum ethnic group
    2. Pearl style sarong from Tai Daeng ethnic group
  • Sarongs belonging to Lao people in Thailand
    1. Lao Puan Sarong from Had Saew Village, Srisatchanalai  county, Sukhothai district
    2. Sarongs belonging to Lao Krung people from Utaithani district
  • Ikat Sarong from Luang Prabang district, Laos
  • Ta Sarong dyed with Ikat belonging to Lao Krung people from Rai Village, Utaithani district
  • Ta Sarong Thai Yuan-Chiang Mai style
    Originally belonged to Mother Ui Tui and has been treasured by her Chutima-Nimanhaemin  family for about 150 years.

  • Gold threaded Teen Jok Silk Sarong
    Worn about 100 years ago by Upper class Chiang Mai Women
  • Sarongs belonging to Lao Krung people from Had Saew Village, Srisatchanalai¬† county, Sukhothai district
    These sarongs from Laos have been influenced by Thai Yuan style sarongs.
  • Intricately woven Jok contemporary style sarongs from Laos. This pattern influenced by the Tai Daeng ethnic group.
  • A contemporary style silk breast sash from Laos.
  • Thai Lue sarongs from Na Lae Village, Luang Nam Tha county, Laos are well known for their exquisite patterns.
  • Different Thai Lue sarongs from Laos.
  • Thai Lue style Ta Sarong from Sib Song Panna City, China.
  • Thai Lue style Ta Sarong from Oo Nua City, Laos.